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AFI-2089 Executive Keyboard program emulates all user functions of the American Dynamics AD2089 physical keyboard.



The program is easily installed and activated over the internet. Simply select the connection type and obtain full control with a computer desktop presentation of a physical keyboard.

The same controls and functions to which users are accustomed are then available through mouse clicks or through “keystrokes”. i.e.: ‘M’ for Monitor and ‘C’ for Camera. Every ‘push button’ on the screen has a computer key emulated including number keypad arrow keys for Pan/Tilt and +/- or mouse wheel for zoom.


RS232 communications may be through a local Com Port or over a network to one of our Net IO devices. Or any RFC2217 compatible serial hardware or software device may be used.


Download Spec Sheet for more information. - 122 KB

Download ZIP file for detailed information and software installer. - 746 KB

The software may be installed for a single use 30 day trial per computer, after which a license must be purchased.




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